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HANDBAG (Hons) Business and Legislation

Whether you are planning to start a business, trying to expand an existing enterprise, and/or involved in the management of a business, you will need to be familiar with basics of business and law. This knowledge offers you an edge in demanding business conditions.

The BA(Hons) Business and Law provides you with a comprehensive grounding in business and law. This programme also allows you to specialise in a particular part of business or law. In the final month, students peruse more than 40 optionally available modules to tailor their particular learning to suit their particular interests.

Also to learning business and law, you’ll the opportunity to develop important skills through group job and demonstrations. You will be introduced to real-life organization case studies and develop your significant thinking expertise.

In the final year, you will have the chance to undertake a piece placement. What the law states and Organization Society offers you the chance to engage in transaction-drafting tournaments and networking events, as well as to write articles on business topics.

The Legal Environment of Business is mostly a core component which will introduces one to the key legal concepts and processes that are relevant to organization leaders. You will learn about great britain social constructions, the history of legal systems in the UK and how to develop a business-oriented approach to legislation. You will also gain an understanding of the standard rights and liabilities which might be protected by law.

You will also study the formation of contracts, voting and polls and the mother nature of agreements. In addition , you can gain a tip into the legal implications of data collection.

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