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The How I Married Jennifer Lopez Sex Cassette Scandal

Jennifer Lopez is in the middle of any sex tape scandal. Her past husband, Ojani Noa, contains been trying to discharge videos of her risqué antics. This individual even attempted to write a tell-all book about their eleven-month marriage.

Corresponding to Jennifer, it was a career-ending embarrassment. The woman claims the footage incorporates raunchy intimate views, including a trendy during sex and a yelling complement her mother. Yet , she insists she will certainly not let her former other half release many of the material.

The having sex tape is the central subject from the lawsuit, with a judge in La deciding if he wants to buy Noa handy over all of your footage. The legal team for the purpose of the celebrity actress is requesting a temporary preventing order.

It seems that the sex recording has been around just for quite a while. When the couple was married, Ojani Noa captured home videos of which during their honeymoon. Later, he purchased the record to Claudia Vasquez meant for $1. In exchange, Noa agreed to never sell the main points of their quickie union.

What’s more, Noah also attempted to get some funds from Jennifer Lopez. 2 years ago, this individual threatened to produce a tell-all book about the couple.

This week, both the are in court, as the case comes to an in depth. Lopez and her attorneys made an appearance in front of Assess James Chalfant at the L . a County Remarkable Court. Though the court possesses yet to decide whether to increase the preventing order, both are started argue of a mockumentary video.

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